Water softener, ideal for industrial use.

your water. CLEAN!

The key for soft hair and healthy skin!

Dishes and glasses without scratches
Baths and washbasins without salt and stains
Soft and silky clothes
Washing machines, dishwashers, kettles, coffee machines limescale free
Economy in soaps and softeners
No more clogged pipes

Pressure tank is made of high performance composite material with fiber glass filament winding
Pressure tank is made by a completely seamless molding technology
All thread inlet made from 30% glass filled PP that provides improved strength, temperature and pressure limits
Water contact parts are made by Food-Grade materials
100% rust proof and corrosion resistant
Reinforced composites are one third the weight of steel tanks
Scientific structure insure the base can endure impact and abrasion and provide better performance
Sleek appearance, constant dimension

Operation Pressure:               150 psi (10.5Bar) 
Operation Temperature:         34-122°F(1-50°C) 
Max Vacuum:                         140 mm Hg 
Mini exposed Temperature:   -30°C(-22°F)
Resin Volume:                        70 L (14 tons per regeneration )
Brine Tank Capacity:              100 L
Certification:                           NSF, RoHS, CE, ISO 9001


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