BNT 8650 F Series cabinet is an unprecedentedmulti-functional cabinet, which can be utilized
as a duplex softener, cabinet softener and water filter

your water. CLEAN!

The key for soft hair and healthy skin!

Dishes and glasses without scratches
Baths and washbasins without salt and stains
Soft and silky clothes
Washing machines, dishwashers, kettles, coffee machines limescale free
Economy in soaps and softeners
No more clogged pipes

Salt air and control valves completely isolated
Brine well fixed with the cabinet to against slant
Unique cabinet base design, fix and support the pressure tank, more compatible
Humanized design, easy to disassemble

Resin Volume                        40 L (8 tons per regeneration)
Brine Tank Capacity              90 L
Certification                           NSF, RoHS, CE, ISO 9001


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