About Us

Puritec Water Solutions was established in 1991.  Puritec fulfills the needs of top quality products and equipment in the water treatment industry.  Our main products   are:

                                                                                        ·        water dispensers

                                                                                        ·        filtration water systems

                                                                                        ·        residential RO systems

                                                                                        ·        commercial RO systems

                                                                                        ·        industrial RO systems

                                                                                        ·        water softener systems

                                                                                         ·        desalination systems

                                                                                        ·        water pumps

Puritec is   not   only  a  water  treatment products supplier but it examines the needs of its customers and according to the case the proper solution is suggested.

We will be glad to be of service to you and your company. Customer service is our top priority.